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Reaoniks is an innovative and groundbreaking tool designed to build, strengthen, and enhance reading and spelling skills in any new or struggling reader, regardless of age or background.
Who can benefit from the Reaoniks Program?

Any new or struggling reader of the English language:


  • Grade school students

  • Intervention and special education students

  • English language learners

  • Struggling adult readers

  • Juvenile offenders with reading difficulties

  • Preschool and kindergarten students


It can also help teachers, parents and adults who work with students.


Develop a passion for reading and learning.

Many literacy programs used in the United States teach reading in an order that is inefficient, confusing, and disorganized, spending little time on review.


Working in different aspects of education, I have gained a unique perspective in teaching reading. I hope to share that with other educators, parents, and professionals through Reaoniks' intentional, efficient and systematic method.


- Jean Carver, Program Developer

Combat the effects of electronics on learning.

Current research shows that the use of electronics, such as video games, social media, and television, may have detrimental effects on long-term memory.


Some experts estimate it now takes more than 40 exposures to information for it to become part of long-term memory. That can make learning to read more challenging as students must have the phonemic elements automatically stored in long-term memory in order to be proficient readers.


Reaoniks works to do this in a fun and efficient way. In 20 minutes or less per day, the program produces confident and excited readers.

Reaoniks Programs
  • Follow a systematic, sequential, intentional and efficient approach for teaching phonemic elements and sounds

  • Provide vocabulary development

  • Include comprehension components

  • Incorporate decodable sentences


Reaoniks Whole Class
Instructional Kit 
Reaoniks Small Group
Instructional Kit 
Reaoniks Individual
Instructional Kit 
Reaoniks Professional Development Training Kit 
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Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.39.38 AM.png


      Reaoniks is an excellent program that teaches anyone to read. I have used
this method with struggling readers and have found amazing results... (more)

— Sabrina Farley, 30 years of experience in education


      Reaoniks has changed my life. As an adult struggling reader, I suffered from anxiety and depression because I felt inadequate...(more)


— Stephanie, age 35


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