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Frequently Asked Questions

Reaoniks teaches the English phonemic code in a fast, sequential, and systematic order. Every day, students are exposed to a group of sound and letter combinations. Each lesson includes teaching, reviewing and application. Students gain confidence quickly because they are not expected to know any words with sounds to which they have not been introduced. With web access to words, worksheets, and supplemental materials, Reaoniks makes teaching reading and phonics a step-by-step process where students experience success immediately

How does Reaoniks work?

Contact Reaoniks. For school districts, I like to provide a short presentation that gives the basis for the program. After an order is made, you may then schedule a PD Training time for all teachers using the program. It is advisable that teachers have training materials available at that time. The session includes a review of the research behind Reaoniks, an explanation of all components of the program, a demonstration of how to give a phonemic assessment, and specific examples on how to incorporate the Reaoniks program in your daily reading/ writing time, using visual and auditory processing skills along with the development of working memory strategies.

How do I learn more?

All kindergarten through third-grade students, who are learning to read for the first time; students in reading intervention programs, regardless of their grade levels; and any English Language Learners (ELL) can benefit from Reaoniks. Schools may want to give assessments to all fourth-grade students and above who are reading below grade level to determine which sounds they already know.

Yes, a separate "For Members Only" section of the website is available for one year to those purchasing Reaoniks, and after the first year, it is available by subscription. In this section, there are worksheets, instructional videos, games, and specific ways to incorporate Reaoniks into every day reading activities. All are available for download. The "For Members Only" section is a developing part of the website with more and more materials being added.


Are there supplemental materials?
Who needs Reaoniks?
How does this help ELL students?

We have found Reaoniks is especially beneficial for English Language Learners. Both Intervention Programs, along with a copy of "My First 1000 Words" greatly contribute to successful learners.

Definitely! Parents and caregivers may purchase a Reaoniks Home Package. This can be used with up to five students. You may also purchase the Alphabet Sound Program, which teaches the letter sounds and helps students begin to read in an easy, systematic method. The large banner is especially beneficial as it contains all the sound units in both programs.

Can Reaoniks be used at home?
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