What they are saying...

"Reaoniks is an excellent program that teaches anyone to read. I have used this method with struggling readers and have found amazing results. It is based on Phonics and the students are highly engaged with many activities that include alphabet cards, their own Reaoniks Code sheet and many fun ideas to teach the students to read. I would highly recommend this program!"


— Sabrina Farley
30 years in Education




"Reaoniks has changed my classroom dynamics... [It] offers just what classrooms are needing to provide students with the ability to learn how to read and progress rapidly."


— JoAnna Craig

Third-Grade Teacher


"Reaoniks has changed my life. As an adult struggling reader, I suffered from anxiety and depression because I felt inadequate. I couldn't understand why I couldn't read, as I had been tested on numerous occasions, gone to tutors, been part of a research study, given medicine for ADHD, and placed in special education classes. Because of the Reaoniks Program, I understand everything now because I can read and comprehend. I am more confident in myself. I take very little medicine. I am happier. It has given me courage. I no longer feel bad about myself. Life is so much better now that I can read. I’m finally able to help my daughter with her homework!


— Stephanie

Adult Learner



"Reaoniks Phonics Program helps students with processing skills, blending segments and sound analysis, giving students a strong foundation to becoming good readers."


 — Patricia Wilson

Second-Grade Teacher

"I am going to use the Reaoniks Phonics Program to help my son become a strong reader. He is in kindergarten and I want him to be familiar with his words and sounds. Also, my son's father's native language is Creole, so I can help him to be a better reader of the English language."


-Amanda Messamore

Adult Learner

"I would say that Reaoniks is a great program. It has helped me to learn about the rules and the patterns of English pronunciation. I appreciate a lot knowing that there is a way to learn the code of English pronunciation. The way that this program is structured helps beginners and advanced to build up the skill of pronunciation. It is well-organized, and it is very practical. I also appreciate the book of 'My First 100 words.' This book contains basic vocabulary; it is basic not only because they
are simple but because they function as the foundation of further knowledge and skills of recognizing words and recognizing the patterns of pronunciation. Thank you, Jean."

- Father Basilio

Catholic Priest and ESL Parish instructor



"Reaoniks offers an innovative approach to phonics instruction. Taught in conjunction with any reading program, ten minutes a day with Reaoniks Phonics Program will enhance students’ abilities to grasp phonetic concepts and become more confident readers. The program is engaging, for both the students and the instructor. It provides for the visual, the oral, and the kinesthetic learners. It can be taught in whole groups, small groups, or individually. Students enjoy this engaging method of not only learning phonics but also, realizing they are becoming better and stronger readers."


- Audrey Young 

First-Grade Teacher